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                                                             2016 Issue No. 4

Prez Sez

by Larry Peterson

                             Thirty years in the Army        November 3rd. This was a great opportunity for
                             taught me something about       our members to gain credit and enjoy the half or
                             organizational dynamics. The    full day program with their colleagues. Thank you
                             overarching challenge of any    to everyone who joined us and participated in the
                             leadership role is to optimize  post-CLE libations.
                             the resources of the member
participants to achieve the group’s goals. The CCBA          We need to hear from more members on where they
has tremendous talent and valuable resources, and our        would like to see the direction of the CCBA. The
Board has worked hard over this past year to use the         next Board will have a template for success and it
talent and resources to achieve goals to enhance your        will require greater participation from the members.
membership experience.                                       I urge you to get involved to improve the
                                                             organization in whatever capacity your interests
Our Members Dinner, that included a group photo for          may lead. The Board will present a proposed new
posterity, was showcased with a keynote talk by Native       Constitution by email over the course of the next
Son Judge Jones, who rocked the joint with an                few weeks. We would like to see the adoption of
insightful and entertaining presentation on odd stuff he     this charter document at the holiday party.
has seen in court.
                                                             As we head into the end of the year at our signature
Judge Herndon accepted the 2016 President’s Award            holiday event in December, I can report that our
for his continued support of our Bar.                        Bar is fiscally stable and our membership is strong.
                                                             I again would like to thank the members of the
Speaking of awards and resources, please stop by our         Board and Bench, and especially all of those who
Law Library and give your personal congratulations to        have volunteered throughout the year who have
our own Jennifer Dalglish. The OSB just announced            contributed to make 2016 such a success.
that Jennifer is the recipient of the President’s Public
Leadership Award. Well done and well-deserved!                         Mark Your Calendar

Last month’s Appellate Dinner was a fun and lively                           Holiday Party 12/15/16
event featuring speakers from the Clackamas,                              Oswego Lake Country Club
Appellate and Supreme Bench. Please see Jeff
Nitschke’s fine article and photos on the evening’s

Judge Eve Miller planned an outstanding day of CLE at
the Tumwater Room in Oregon City to get those much
sought after Access to Justice credits and more on

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